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Diploma In Guidance and Counseling
Department of Health Science

Duration  : 1 year
: C- or Equivalent

Course Objective

This course is designed to equip the trainee with knowledge skills and attitudes that will enable him/ her to professionally participate in diverse counselling interventions and discharge all duties of a professional counselor.

The course comprises of the following units;


1. Professional studies in Counseling
2. Communication skills
3. Personal development
4. Basic counseling skills
5. Introduction to psychology and human behaviour.
6. Theories and techniques of individual counseling.
7. Introduction to human sexuality
8. Information communication technology


9. Social research methods
10. Cross and workplace counseling
11. Counseling process and practice
12. Introduction to family and marriage counseling.
13. Substance abuse and rehabilitation
14. Counseling special groups
15. Loss, grief and trauma counseling
16. Stress and stress management
17. HIV / AIDS awareness and management
18. Project


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